Clothing designed for the love of gardening

At Mad About Land, we’re passionate about gardening, and passionate about the soil – the feeling of living soil between the fingers, the smell of the earth after the rain. There’s a reason why working with your trowel in the garden feels so good – we’re reconnecting with the earth, reconnecting with that essential part of us which is born of the land.


Land First: Reprioritising our relationship with the land

Land First is the principle at the heart of Mad About Land. It reminds us that we are just a small part of a complex ecosystem, and that we need to re-evaluate how we think about the land if we are to leave a lighter footprint and a more sustainable future.

We know we can always do better, but we try to take this thinking and apply it to everything we do – from the gardenwear we design to the seeds we sow.


The Foundations: A legacy of love for the land

Mad About Land is a collaboration between FreshBritain and the Madresfield Estate. Inspired by a love of gardening and a love for the land. Inspired by the journey towards a more regenerative way of gardening and farming. Inspired by the murals of Henry Payne in Madresfield Chapel, and the work of William Morris and his colleagues of the Arts and Crafts movement, who instilled into everything they created a love of nature, and a passion for craftsmanship, beauty and purpose.

Launching at the RHS Urban Show

Mad About Land are proud to announce our partnership with the Royal Horticultural Society at the 2024 RHS Urban Show, where we will launch our new range of clothing designed for gardening with style and purpose.