Fanny Nilsson - Fanny runs her own landscape and garden design studio near Oxford, working across London and the South East. She creates spaces that become more beautiful over time — celebrating traditional craft, natural gardening techniques and things that are made to last. We’re thrilled to have her join the team.

Fanny Nilsson

Fanny first began her career in London before setting up her own studio on the border between Buckinghamshire and Oxford, transforming city and country gardens for clients across the UK.

Her work is inspired and grounded in place. Drawing on the land, local character, materiality and craft she creates natural spaces that feel like they belong, and where people and nature can thrive. Her services range from full design schemes and planting design to outdoor curation and styling.

Every project is created with nature in mind. Working with local makers, growers and landscapers, Fanny advocates for a natural, sustainable and ecological approach that nurtures the land, supports local business and boosts biodiversity.