Unisex Fleece Hoodie

Experience the warm and cosy feel of our Unisex Fleece Hoodie. This unique product stands out for its sustainable materials and exclusive screen print inspired by the Arts & Crafts Movement and the untamed beauty of Madresfield's meadows. This hoodie is designed for those who carry the spirit of the garden wherever they go. It's perfect for chilly mornings in the garden or cosy evenings at home.



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Design Story

At Mad About Land, we are obsessed with our green spaces. So, we set out to create a collection of garments that are made specifically for the joy of gardening. Every piece in our collection is crafted with the gardener's comfort and style in mind. Our clothing features thoughtful touches like higher waistlines for confident bending and reaching and shorter sleeves to keep cuffs pristine while you prune and plant. We set out to create clothing that delivers on both form and function, and we got that in spades.


Short Sleeves – Keep your hands free and clean while digging into the earth.

Utility Button – Clip on a bandana to wipe away the sweat of your dedication.

Durable Fabrics – Our lightweight canvas and twill are designed for longevity and style.

Two-Way Zips – For easy movement, standing tall or planting deep.

Tailored Fit – High-rise trousers and shorts for secure coverage no matter how you move.